Rozos Timber Factory

Timber production cannot be done without huge amounts of waste or firewood. We in rozos decided to work in a low carbon emissions protocol not only for our factory but also for our products used by the customer. So we advanced a complete management production method and have minimal firewood derived. Thin stripes of wood glued together to form beatifull grain pattern board with great properties, tremendus durability and specially in food certified board.
You’ll love to work with one our boards!!
Feel free to give it a try with any size you like with the guarante of ROZOS brand.

The Chestnut

Greek chestnut wood is a speciall tree with numerous great properties and ancient history..
From its edible nuts to its medicinal flower and to the astonishing durability of the chestnut wood in extreme weather conditions.
People of the past and till the present times use chestnut wood whnever they want to build a long lasting construction.
Long lasting due to very high tanin pottency which assures no bacteria and microorganism colonization and a long life of the wood grain.
We in rozos, with love for mother nature and new technology, create usefull and beatifull products with a natural raw material.

The Chestnut Board

Beeing first a sustainable factory our main source of logs is only from forest plantation and leave our forests unharmed heritage to the next generations. Forests in Greece have seen a growth of  over 3 times the last 70 years.
Rozos team with great effort and from day to night working shifts succed in making a complete log to product factory with unlimited potential in woodworking.
We  are having a tremendus growth designing and producing numerous products every year, expand in new countries markets and leading the way in wooden serving products.